What is Health Tourism?

Health Tourism is the practice of traveling abroad to other countries to obtain health care services. Health tourism, a vital sector, is an alternative type of tourism growing in popularity every year around the world. It can be summarized as patients who opt to seek or continue medical treatment in a country other than their homeland.

Patients from all over the world travel to Turkey to receive services in a variety of fields. Such healthcare services include dentistry, spa therapy, cosmetic procedures, hair transplantation, and preventative and personalized health services. The number of patients coming to Turkey is gradually increasing.

What are the Reasons for Health Tourism?

Health care services vary in quality and expense around the world. Exorbitant costs for medical care and often exceedingly long wait time are two major reasons for medical tourism. People searching for quality health care at a lesser cost drive the medical tourism sector.

Why Turkey?

Turkey has been attracting tourists for years with its natural beauty, landmarks, and geographical position. In addition, the country is quite advanced in health tourism. The use of advanced technology in healthcare and affordability are primary reasons many people choose Turkey. Medical professionals are graduates of prestigious schools which are renown for quality education, strong academic staff, and the use of the most current and advanced equipment and techniques.

Approximately one million foreign patients entrusted their healthcare to Turkish-based physicians in 2021. Decreased waiting time for procedures, highly trained professionals, top-notch medical materials, and devices, and a "service-oriented" mindset make Turkey an ideal   place for foreign patients to obtain world-class medical care.

Dental Tourism in Turkey

Patients desiring dental treatment often encounter difficulties with both high costs and long waiting times for appointments and procedures. Turkey is an advantageous choice for dental care as it is more affordable compared to many other countries. Treatments which often require months or even years to complete are available in a much shorter amount of time. Even when visiting Turkey for a holiday, it is quite manageable to schedule and complete a dental cleaning, filling, and even a root canal in a brief time at an affordable cost. In addition, Turkey is considered a preferred destination for dental treatments which require more specialized attention, such as dental implant surgery, smile aesthetics, and porcelain veneer procedures.

Many well-trained dentists, quite experienced and able to speak foreign languages work in Turkey. Most dental physicians continue to monitor patients long after medical treatments for prevention and intervention as needed. Use of reliable and current methods in dentistry services make Turkey one of the most well-known destinations for dental tourism. Patients eager to seek dental treatment in Turkey are able to easily find solutions for dental issues and select optimal treatment plans.

Dental Treatment in Ankara

Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, is a thriving, modern city located in the geographical center of the country. Ankara has multiple state-of-the-art medical clinics and hospitals available. Ankara's globally known universities maintain the highest academic standards graduating extensively trained physicians.

Patient satisfaction is the priority in Ankara as all medical professionals are strictly monitored to maintain the highest of professional standards. The treatment of patients and follow-up care is of utmost importance. 

Compared to Istanbul and Antalya, both cities which are widely known for health tourism, Ankara is an ideal choice. As the capital city, medical providers cooperate with governmental authorities and often contribute to best medical practices implemented countrywide. Ankara's urban transportation options are dependable, affordable, and plentiful.

At our clinic in Ankara, a treatment process is implemented in parallel with the characteristics of the capital and what the city holds. And we create a favourable environment for our patients to access all sorts of opportunities the city offers.

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